We have spoken with thousands of people over years and in doing so, have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about the Endless Pool.

My pool and or spa is green!

It could be something as simple as a lack of a sanitizer. Bring in a water sample, we’ll test it for free and then give you a detailed report on what process you will need to complete.

My pump is noisy!

Oh no, not the best noise to hear. Sounds like the pump needs a rebuild. Give us a call sooner rather than later otherwise your rebuild may turn into a replace.

I'm thinking about a pool and don't know where to start!

Give us a call at (519) 524-9804. We will come to your house, discuss the different options available, look at different places in your yard and can even show you with our 3D program on how your finished yard will look.

My spa cover feels like it weighs a TON!

Your cover has started to take on water, its time to replace it as it has started to take on water. We can come measure your spa so you get a good fit and we’ll give you some colour choices to choose from.

I have back issues, what would help?

We sell the Marquis spa. It has patented low pressure-high flow jets that will get down deep into those sore muscles.

My pool/spa is leaking!

Give us a call at (519) 524-9804, we have numerous different machines that help us pinpoint your leak without first having to take anything apart.

Just bought a house with a pool/spa and I don't have a clue!

Give us a call at (519) 524-9804. Let us help, we are happy to help and share some information on through pool/spa maintenance.

Zero maintenance is what I want!

There is no such thing as zero maintenance. If its too good to be true it probably is. Too many things like bather load, bather consistency, water temperature, sun and rain are such factors which will affect your water. That being said, we have options that will provide a less maintence, close to zero but not quite. See Alternative sanitizer options.

Alternative sanitizers. What options are there?

Health Canada says that you need to have a residual of either chlorine or bromine in your water. For spas we do have different, more natural choices for you that will greatly reduce your chlorine and bromine usage. All our spas also come with ozonators to help break down any organic matter within your spa. For pools, we have options such as Ozone and UV which help to break down organic matter within the pool. This helps to reduce your chlorine usage as the chlorine doesn’t have as much ‘work to do”. Salt water pools is another option, this process removes the need for you to physically add chlorine to the water as it produces it on site. The salt content is low, only 3000 ppm, only 1/10th of the ocean.