Pool Types

Inground Vinyl Lined Pools: These pools are constructed using a 14 gauge steel wall and bracing system with a concrete bottom.  They are then fitted with a custom shaped vinyl liner.  Almost any shape or size can be constructed with a vinyl lined pool.  For more information check out http://www.highburypools.com/

Fiberglass Pools:
Every pool is constructed using their patented composite armour technology which provides tremendous strength towards flexural and tensile properties, needed when dealing with ground movements throughout the year. Each pool is then finished using a full vinyl ester resin construction to give your structure ever more strength. These two products together allow us to offer a lifetime warranty on the shell. Click on the link for more information: http://ca.leisurepoolsonline.com/

Ultimate above ground by Fox Pool: These pools are perfect for the homeowner who is looking for something a little more budget friendly than their in-ground counterparts. These pools are great because they can sit on top of the ground like an above-ground or sink them flush with the ground and pore a concrete deck around it. Plus they come standard with many features similar to an in-ground pool like the 14 gauge solid steel wall and a lock-in winter cover. Click on the link for more information: Fox Pools

Hybrid Pools With Eco-Finish: One of the most revolutionary pool systems on the market, we are able to create any size or shape of pool.  From plunge pools to 60′ lap pools to Lagoon style pools with tanning ledges, anything is possible.  From there we coat the surface with our Eco Finish, one of the strongest and most maintenance free products on the market.

3D Design

Blue Horizon Pools and Spas offers complete design for your backyard pool area. Let us show you what your pool will look like in 3D Design before we begin.

Maintenance & Help

As well as installing new Pools, we offer a variety of Pool Renovation Services. We can refresh the look of your pool with a new liner or coping, or install a set of steps or lights you have always wanted.

We upgrade your old pumps, filters or heaters to new more efficient products.

We offer many Sanitizing Solutions: Check out our salt systems, ozone, UV or mineral systems.

Still using chlorine? We can put an automatic system in that will keep your chlorine levels where you want them.

We also offer a variety of Pool Maintenance Services. We provide services for Leak Detection and Repair, Pump and Motor Rebuilding, Filter Servicing and Replacement, Opening and Closing of your Pool as well as Troubleshooting General Issues.

Come in for Free Water Testing completed by our knowledgeable staff in our state-of-the-art facility.

Find answers about Pool and Spa Challenges in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.