New Service Policies during COVID-19 


  • We will not be greeting customers at the door for service bookings, so please ensure access to the backyard is available on your service date. 
  • We ask that all equipment, supplies and necessities are placed outside by the pool so that the technician has everything they need to complete the service.
  • Customers must stay out of the backyard while our technician(s) are preforming your service request. 
  • If a customer is required to approve any additional requirements to the service call or answer a question a technician may have, the technician will call from a cell phone from the backyard. Technicians have been instructed to not address customers and to follow social distancing and zero contact rules.
  • In the event of any such additions, customers will be required to pay any balance through our online invoice payment system by credit card.

We thank all of you for your co-operation, and be safe and healthy during this difficult time!